Code of Conduct for Copyright Collecting Societies

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 7 August 2019

Collecting societies’ compliance reports to the Code Reviewer now available

Collecting societies report annually to the Code Reviewer on their compliance with the Code. Before 2018, compliance reports were provided to the Code Reviewer on a confidential basis. As a result of the review of the Code undertaken by the Department of Communications and the Arts, societies are now publishing their compliance reports, with any confidential material (such as correspondence between a society and a complainant) redacted.



2 July 2019

Updated Code of Conduct for Collecting Societies

Australian collecting societies APRA AMCOS, ASDACS, AWGACS, The Copyright Agency, PPCA and Screenrights have launched a new standalone website for the Code of Conduct for Copyright Collecting Societies.

The collecting societies are signatories to the Code of Conduct, reporting each year on compliance with the obligations in the Code. The current Code Reviewer is the Hon Dr Kevin Lindgren AM QC, a former judge of the Federal Court.

The new site and amendments to the Code are both initiatives undertaken in response to a Government review which recommended:

  • increased clarity around the role of the Code

  • improved transparency around collecting societies’ operations, and

  • strengthened governance arrangements for collecting societies and the Code

The Code aims to:

  • promote awareness of and access to information about copyright and the role and function of collecting societies in administering copyright on behalf of members;

  • promote confidence in collecting societies and the effective administration of copyright in Australia;

  • set out the standards of service that members and licensees can expect from collecting societies; and

  • ensure that members and licensees have access to efficient, fair and low cost procedures for the handling of complaints and the resolution of disputes involving collecting societies.



3 June 2019

Call for Submissions: 2019 Annual Compliance Review

In line with each Collecting Society’s obligations as a participant of the Code of Conduct for Collecting Societies, compliance with the Code’s standards of conduct is the subject of an annual compliance review.

The Code Reviewer is now calling for interested parties to make submissions about compliance or non-compliance with the Code. 

Submissions should be made in writing to the Code Reviewer by no later than 31 July 2019.